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It's Like art on a canvas, but digital.

Who is the guy behind the lens?

Hi. I'm Jonathan.

Born and raised in the East of The Dominican Republic, I really know what is to be a seasoned professional that give the best to get the job done on time and with the promised quality.

I started this project 4 years ago and since then, I have been perfecting the mix for the perfect results: Working on time, with quality, and delivering the promised final product.


We work with individuals, real estate agents, and developers, delivering photography and videography for residential and industrial spaces. Not only can we do Residential Properties, but we can also take on Commercial and Land of any size. 


Our company is focused on delivering an on-time, outstanding product that speaks quality all the way around. I always consider this career like a painter designing his art on a canvas, focusing on delivering the right message through his final result.


We love to show your essence through our lens. Your ideas and our detailed technique are the perfect elements to get a quality job done.

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